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2012 CES Show Highlights

Dated: 23 Jan 2012
Posted by Cameron Mehin
Category: Technology

As another year kicks off, VMI made their annual trek to the 2012 International CES show in Vegas to check out the best enabling technology trends, innovations and ideas from this year’s show. We elbowed people out of the way (or at least we wanted to, given this shows record attendance) so we could get the big WOWs from innovative companies and visionaries.

This year, we saw a great collection of technology, ranging from wireless data transfer that will blow WiFi-N out of the water, virtual 3D image creation tools and enough app controlled devices to manage your entire life from the palm of your hand.

Some of the areas we highlighted this year:

  • Human-Machine Interface
  • Internet Based Services
  • Gaming
  • Televisions
  • 3D Printing
  • Automotive

Click Here to View VMI’s 2012 CES Show Top Picks and Highlights

There were several companies that did not make this year’s highlights paper. Unfortunately, we had to draw a line! Although excellent, such innovations included FLIR’s use of WiFi-iPads for displaying and emailing $50+K HD thermal camera images and diagnostic information, and glasses-free Panasonic 3D displays. As we said, this year there were tremendous innovations. Blog- or call us, and we’d be happy to talk details.

Please submit your comments and thoughts below. What are your favorites? Where can these innovations be applied? What’s a disruptor in your world?  Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!