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ISIS, US Energy Boom, 3-D Printing

Dated: 15 Sep 2014
Posted by Christine Chan
Categoiry: Security, Technology

ISIS : Representatives of twenty countries gathered in Paris on Monday to coordinate a global response to combat the militant group ISIS, which released a third video over the weekend showing the beheading of a British aid worker. French president François Hollande called for united international action to tackle the threat, while Iraqi president Fuad Masum urged world powers to take broader military action against ISIS. So far, about forty countries—including ten Arab states—have committed to a coalition to help fight the extremist Sunni insurgency in Iraq and Syria.

US Energy Boom: Skeptics of the U.S. energy boom have been saying it can’t last much longer because it requires drilling an ever-increasing number of wells, however the boom already has lasted longer than anyone would have imagined.  The number of rigs drilling in the U.S. is basically flat, but production is rising while the federal Energy Information Administration has stated that this “drilling productivity” is showing no sign of slowing.  While the federal government recently predicted that oil production would rise through 2019 and then flatten off, a second scenario in the report assumed that extraction technology would continue to improve, leading crude output to rise through 2040, if not longer.  Notable that US O&G output nearly tripled since 2007, up to 12M barrels a day. Graph below.

3-D Printing: Aerojet Rocketdyne recently won an Air Force contract to use 3D printing technology to develop liquid-propellant rocket engine applications destined for military launchers. The hope is that additive manufacturing will help make producing rocket engines faster and less expensive than traditional methods by replacing the need for castings, forgings, platings, machining, brazing and welding. In June, Aerojet said it had 3D-printed and tested an entire engine capable of 5,000 pounds of thrust in only three parts.

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