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Private Space, Threat Detection, COTS

Dated: 3 Nov 2014
Posted by Christine Chan
Categoiry: International, Security, Technology

Private Space: Investigators cited possible pilot error in the deadly explosion of Virgin Galactic’s space plane. The space plane was in development to conduct commercial passenger flights in space and occurred a few days after Orbital’s rocket exploded after lift-off.  The back-to-back accidents raise inevitable questions about the safety and reliability of the emerging private space industry. In related news, China celebrated the return of a moon probe, which successfully orbited the planet and returned to earth on Saturday.

Threat Detection: Researchers at Manchester Metropolitan University have developed scanners that find concealed weapons in real-time and instantly alert officials. The machines work at a distance of up to 20 meters/65 feet using low-power millimeter-wave radar signals that reflect off a weapon and back to the scanner.

COTS: The United Arab Emirates is in discussions with Textron AirLand about becoming an early customer for Textron’s new Scorpion jet, according to sources.  The Scorpion’s roots go back a decade to when entrepreneurs started developing so-called very light jets carrying four or five passenger that used composite materials, lean manufacturing techniques and off-the-shelf parts. More than half of the Scorpion prototype was built using parts developed for the Citation jet. Another 20% were acquired off the shelf.

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