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Your Smartphone Doubles as a Supercomputer

Dated: 12 Apr 2013
Posted by David Osgood
Categoiry: Business Model, Technology

Chances are your smartphone is idle much of its life. Why let all that computing power just go to waste?

Professor David Anderson, of UC Berkeley, wants to tap into that unused processor to do some science! Network computing is anything but new, however tapping into all the Android devices in the world could allow for some serious work to get done.

Anderson is testing the latest build of an app called BONIC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing)  that will utilize the untapped CPU and GPU of your smartphone. The data will be used in projects to map the stars searching for pulsars and black holes, among other scientific endeavors.

BIONIC will only run when your phone is plugged in and connected to a Wi-Fi signal so you don’t crush your battery or data cap. It will be interesting to see what the adoption curve of Android network computing might look like, but with the number of devices out there, even a small fraction of them tied together could equate to Supercomputer power.

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